Our mission

Media Deals is a pan-European investor network gathering together venture capital fund managers and business angels focused on early-stage companies who have an interest in finding suitable European investment opportunities in the high-growth sector involving media content companies (film, television, video games, music, mobile, etc.) and technology-related companies.

The convergence of media platforms and the globalisation of media markets makes it an imperative for media companies and media investors to develop strategies and look for opportunities beyond their national borders.

In the framework of its activities, Media Deals is regularly organising European investment forums to enable selected European start-ups from the content and networks’ sector to more efficiently engage with European financiers from the network.

Furthermore, Media Deals recently created the Connect Investor Club, which aims to foster a trusted relationship among a few European early-stage investors who will be meeting regularly over the next 24 months in order to work together and look at deal flow in the creative sector, and possibly develop some syndicated investments at the cross­-border level.


Additionally, Media Deals is involved in several EU-funded projects supporting access to finance and investment readiness in the creative industries and digital media sector.

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